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Chief Editor (English Edition)
Prof. (Smt) Archana Pandey,
Deptt. of Chemistry
Chief Editor (Hindi Edition)
Prof. A. D. Sharma,
Dept. of Philosophy
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Expert Members (External) 
Prof. T. Satyanarayana, Deptt. of Microbiology,  Delhi University (South Campus), Delhi
Prof. S. S. Sandhu, Deptt. of Biological sciences, R.D. University, Jabalpur (M.P.)
Prof. Manoj K. Harbala,  Deptt  of Physics, I.I.T., Kanpur – 208016  (U.P.)
Prof. A. K. Rai, Deptt. of Physics, Allahabad University – 211 002  (U.P.)
Prof. Man Bhupinder Singh Bhoop,  Faculty of Pharmacy Sciences, Punjab University
Chandigarh  (Punjab)
Prof. R. S. Gaud, Faculty of Pharmacy Sciences, SVKM , Narsee Monjee Institute of  management Studies
(Deemed  University) ,Mumbai – 400 056 (M.S.)
Prof. Vishnu Bhat , Deptt. of Botany, Delhi  University, Delhi – 1100007
Prof. Se won Park, Department of Molecular Bio Technology, Konkuk University
Hwayang-Dong, Gwanjgin- Gu Seoul, Korea Republic- 147003
Prof. Mrs. Krishna Misra, Deptt. of Chemistry, Allahabad University – 211 002 
Prof. D. S. Pandey ,Deptt. of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, B.H.U., Varanasi  (U.P.)     
Prof. Mukesh Kumar, Deptt. of Forensic Science, Punjabi university, Patiala.
Dr. B. R. Sharma, Ex-Director CFSL (Chandigarh & Shimla), Panchkula, Haryana          
Prof. R. M. Sharma, Deptt. of Forensic Science, Punjabi  University, Patiala  (Punjab)
Prof. A. K. Dikshit , Deptt. of Geography, DDU, Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur (U.P.)
Prof. R. N. Mishra , Deptt. of Geography, Rajasthan University, Jaipur, (Raj.)
Prof. N. Kumar , Deptt. of Maths, Faculty of science, B.H.U., Varanasi  (U.P.)      
Prof. P. N. Pandey,    Deptt. of Mathematics,  University of Allahabad,   ALLAHABAD
Prof. J . P. Shrivastava, Deptt. of Geology, Delhi  University, Delhi – 1100007
Prof. K. L. Sharivastava, Deptt. of  Geology, JNV  University, Jodhpur   (Raj.)




Madhya Bharti Research Journal of Science
The bi-annual Journal started in 1952 bears ISSN number 0972-7434 (National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, NISCAIR).  It is an official journal of Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar (formerly University of Sagar) and aims to serve as a platform for information exchange among scientific fraternity. Original research articles, reviews on frontiers of science and technology, and industrial applications are invited for publication as per following details:
Book reviewsand announcements, brief reports by authors on inventions and discoveries of scientific, technological and industrial research are also covered.
Manuscript Preparation
General: Use SI units throughout, and where other units are used for some reason, give equivalent SI units in parenthesis.
Title: Should be short, sufficiently informative and useful for indexing and retrieval purposes. A short running title may also be provided.
Key Words:  Maximum six words may be given that enhance the scope of retrieval of the article. The authors should try coining the “key words” that are not a mere repetition of those in the title.
Author(s) and Affiliation: Author(s) with affiliation (where work was done) with complete mailing address must be given. Present address of author(s), if different, should also be given. Provide e-mail address of the corresponding author.
Abstract (200 words): It should contain scope and key results in a way that is useful for indexing and abstracting service providers and gives a bird's eye view to a reader as well so as to increase his interest in reading the article. A graphical abstract is also printed in contents part of the journal in every issue, so do provide one with indication of an illustration/figure/formula, etc., which should go along with it.
Introduction: A brief and precise literature review with objectives of the research undertaken and essential background should constitute the introduction part.
Materials and Methods: only new  methods including statistical methods employed should be described in sufficient details, and others can be directed to published sources or may be sought from the corresponding author.
Results and Discussion: Results should be coherently presented and appropriately linked to tables, figures and other illustrations, but restricted to bare minimum. The section should also compare findings with those of others, as deemed necessary by the authors, and its relevance be discussed to the problem tackled, in particular, and for the branch of science, in general.

Any weakness of the study undertaken, or any other peculiarity must also be pointed out. New findings, new interpretations, etc. should be clearly spelt out, and also confirmation of important concepts, models, theorems, etc.  should be indicated. Present data according to standard formats as dictated by the experimental design and the data analysis carried out.
Conclusions (150 words) :  Describe main findings of the investigations reported in the paper.
Acknowledgements: It should be brief and meaningful.
References: The literature as referred to in the text should be put under this section and be numbered sequentially in the order of its first use or mention in the text e.g. (1,2,3). Indicate sources (references) in the text as superscript Arabic serial numbers. Abbreviate journal names as given in the International Serial Catalogue (published by International Council of Scientific Union's Abstracting Board) without the use of any period ('.'). Examples are given below for illustration:
Research Papers  
Liotta R, Rose K, Krishnan P K & Ghosal A, Creep compliance properties of steel cast in space, J Mater Sci, 18 (1999) 243-256. 
N V, Bakhetia D R C & D'Souza L, The ultimate form of power function as derived from fractional derivatives, Proc Int Conf Appl Math Stat (Iowa State University Press, Iowa) 2000, 224-229.
Books or Book Chapters
Hearle J W S & Peters R H, Fibre Structure (Academic Press, London) 1987, 87-123. [If the reference is to a work of an author published in a book by another author, the fact should be indicated by prefixing ' in' appropriately].
Roels O A & Mahadevan S, Vitamin A, in The Vitamins: Chemistry, Pathology and Methods, 2nd edn,
Vol. VI, edited  P Gyorgy & W N Pearson (Academic Press, New York) 1967, 139-210.
Kapoor B C, Managing in the face of not-so-developed and organized environment, in Nat Symp Manag Dev (Institute of Public Administration, Jaipur) 23-25 July 2000.
Theses and Dissertations
Ghosh G, Structure and fracture properties of coal in India, Ph D Thesis, Indian Coal Mining Institute,
Dhanabad, India, 1998.
Trepaginer J H, New surface finishings and coatings, US Patent 1276323  
DuPont Inc, USA) 27 June 2000; Chem Abstr, 49 (2000) 27689
Manuscript Submission
Paper can be submitted on line in MS Word format at (MSoffice 2003 or 2007) to the Editor (, Madhya Bharti (Science), Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar MP 470003. Paper can also be submitted in three hard copies of manuscript (plus figures and tables) printed in double line spacing in 12 point matter and a copy on CD in MS word format with illustrations in suitable formats for IBM compatible computers along with a soft copy of in CD, failing which the manuscript will not be processed.
Essentials for Manuscript Submission
(1) The submitted work should have a covering letter on the official letterhead under signatures of the corresponding author or any other authorized person.
(2) Please also supply a list of THREE probable reviewers for the purpose.
(3) A declaration by authors as per certificate given below: It is mandatory on the part of the corresponding author to furnish the following certificate at the time of submission of the manuscript for publication:
[This to certify that the reported work in the paper entitled “…………..” submitted for publication in the journal “………….” is an original one and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. I/we further certify that proper citations to the previously reported work have been given and no data/tables/figures have been quoted verbatim from other publications without giving due acknowledgement and without the permission of the author(s). The consent of all the authors of this paper has been obtained for submitting the paper to the journal “………………”.


[Signatures and names of all the authors]



National Advisory Board: