Dr. Harisingh Gour University, Sagar University
School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Teaching of humanities and social science subjects was initiated in the Faculties of Arts and Sciences since the inception of the University in 1946. However, various Departments were formally instituted in the Faculties of the University at different points of time. Six of the Departments were initiated in Faculty of Arts, i. e. Philosophy (1946), Economics (1946), History (1950), Political Science and Public Administration (1956), Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology (1958) and Psychology (1959). Teaching of Sociology was initiated in the Faculty of Science in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology (1957). Faculty of Arts consisted of eminent scholars such as Prof. S. K. Saxena (Philosophy), Prof. L. C. Jain (Economics), Prof. M. P. Sharma (Political Science), Prof. Amreshwar Awasthi (Public Administration), Prof. K. D. Bajpai (A. I. H. C. & A) and Prof. H. S. Asthana (Psychology). For the paucity of space, it is not possible to enumerate the names of hundreds of other luminaries who have nurtured the Departments of the humanities and social sciences over several decades and contributed in the making of the Faculties. The successors express their deepest sense of gratitude for their contribution in the making of the Faculty of Social Sciences established on May 5, 1973. On the conversion of State University into a Central University on Jan. 15, 2009, Dr. Harisingh Gour University reorganized the Departments into Schools, and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences took its present shape consisting of the Departments of Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology and Social Work, Economics, History and Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology.       

With tireless and systematic efforts of the Honorable Vice Chancellors Professor N. S. Gajbhiye, Prof. R. S. Kasana, Pros. S. P. Vyas, Ex. Dean Prof. Keval Jain, Heads of Departments, and Members of different Committees, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has been recently manned with additional 2 Associate Professors and 16 Assistant Professors to raise the total number of teachers to 36. Moreover, most of the existing teachers have received promotion in Career Advancement Scheme which is an evidence of their contribution to academics. On the whole, the School is now equipped with 7 Professors, 10 Associate Professors, and 19 Assistant Professors.

A sizable number of rare and current books and Journals are available in Jawaharlal Nehru Central Library of the university.  Most of the Departments are maintaining their Departmental Library also. The Department of Psychology has a full-fledged Psychology Laboratory Building and a vast possession of laboratory equipments and psychological tests. The Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology is equipped with reputed Gour Museum containing a vast collection of valuable archaeological material.

The School is now full of competent teachers and adequate infrastructure  to aqccept any challenge posed by the changing society. I am sure that the students would be gratified academically and enjoy their stay at the campus.

                                                                            Prof S. J. Singh

                                                                            Dean of the School